About Us

Taiwan Brain Trust (TBT) is a leading think tank specializes in foreign policy, regional security, and Cross-Strait relations. TBT was founded in 2010 by Mr. Ku Kuan-min and was incorporated into New Taiwan Peace Foundation in May 2012. On Sept 1, 2016, TBT incorporated into the Ketagalan Foundation.Our tenet is to advocate for global peace, economic development and good governance. We provide decision makers with policy analysis and recommendations, and also work to foster a new generation of elites capable of steering Taiwan in this challenging world.
We provide:
˙ A platform between public and private sectors
˙ Management assistance to non-profit organizations
˙ Risk assessment to private enterprises
˙ Consultation to multinational corporations
We strive to:
˙ Devise strategies that lead to peace and stability
˙ Secure Taiwan's s sovereignty
˙ Enhance government efficacy
˙ Deepen democracy and the rule of law
˙ Strategize for social and cultural reforms
˙ Engineer sustainable development
˙ Blueprint for national innovation
Our consultants include prominent politicians, scholars, and opinion leaders. We frequently hold conferences and forums to address pertinent domestic and international issues. 
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