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TBT Newsletter 2014 December Issue - Conference Special is out. Click to see why Taiwan matters.
http://www.braintrust.tw/ Our Chinese site got bilingual versions of every paper. However, we do recommend downloading the full proceedings for best viewing experience! Click to download.
The conference New Asian Dynamics and the Role of Taiwan is co-hosted by the Project 2049 Institute in Washington D.C. There are two panels and a roundtable discussion with presenters from the U.S., Japan, Korea, Australia, India, and Taiwan. The conference will be conducted in English and English-Chinese simultaneous interpretation will be available.
The October newsletter of Taiwan Brain Trust covers the coming local elections in Taiwan, cross-strait developments, the protests in Hong Kong, and the latest foreign policy moves of the new Indian government and the inscrutable North Korean regime; also in this issue, what can we learn from the Scottish Independence Referendum? We at Taiwan Brain Trust believe that an island nation should avail itself to the world and bring the world to its shores. We hope you will find this month’s offerings stimulating and sincerely invite your feedback. To contact us, please write to the editor at info@braintrust.tw.
The September newsletter of Taiwan Brain Trust covers the latest political developments in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, and their implications to cross-strait relations; also in this issue, the U.S. began a new phase of War on Terror; what does this mean for Taiwan? We at Taiwan Brain Trust believe that an island nation should seek to make the world its oyster. All politics is local, yet political commentary should be global in outlook. We hope to interest you with these articles.
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